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10 Uplifting Life Quotes

I found these quote gems while going through my computer files. I hope they bring inspiration to you as they have to me. Enjoy and share the love!

Brighten Up Your Day With These Happiness Quotes!

In the spirit of Friday, I've gathered some of my favorite happiness quotes. Read, share, and truly take in the message of the quotes. Each and every one of us deserves happiness, now get out there and shine! 

What Are You Grateful For? 15 Quotes to Inspire Gratitude Today

Did you wake up this morning full of gratitude? Congrats if you did! The fact is that most people do not practice gratitude, showing thanks for what they already have. It sounds like a very simple concept but in fact it's difficult to practice on a daily basis. This list of gratitude quotes is formed to help you begin to be grateful for the life you already have. Start this practice today and you'll see how your life begins to transform. 

"Start each day with a heart full of gratitude."